N-13-02-27 (1913)



N-13-02-27 (1913)


This notebook was used by Miller Reese Hutchison during February-May 1913 for notes on a variety of subjects, most relating to his work on the storage battery. The entries are organized by project. Included are notes pertaining to electric delivery wagons, electric self starters, a rotary field synchronizer, an automatic polarizing rectifier, battery tubes and grids, tube-loading machines, and various other machines for manufacturing batteries. Also included are notes about dictating machines, kinetophones (motion pictures with sound), various components of the home kinetoscope such as a rotating carbon arcs and acetylene burners, and a motor-driven professional kinetoscope. Several entries contain comments by Hutchison about Edison\'s requests and suggestions as well as remarks about his conversations with the inventor. There are also comments by Hutchison about the strengths and weaknesses of experimenters Zachariah P. Halpin and Charles W. Norton. The front cover is labeled \"Status of Experiments Edison Laboratory M. R. Hutchison\"" and \""To Be Kept on My Desk For Mr. Edison\'s Inspection.\"" The book contains 150 numbered pages; pages 99-150 are blank. At the end of the book are 10 unnumbered pages regarding improvements to Hutchison\'s summer home in Minnesota followed by a 4-page index. The index appears first."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.