Cat. 994 Vol. 1 (1875-1876, 1877-1878)



Cat. 994 Vol. 1 (1875-1876, 1877-1878)


This notebook covers the periods October 1875-January 1876 and May 1877-October 1878. The entries on pages 1-60 are in the hand of Thomas Edison and Charles Batchelor and deal with the electric pen and duplicating press, etheric force, polarization, ore mining, batteries, chemical experiments, celluloid, and acoustic and domestic telegraphy. Some of the entries are signed and dated by Edison, Batchelor, and James Adams; others are signed and dated by Batchelor alone. Detailed drawings supplement the text.

A series of notes and drawings dealing with the development of the electric light has been copied into pages 113-204 by William Car man, Edison\'s bookkeeper. Pages 205-207 contain a copy of an \"electric light law.\"" (The originals of the material on pages 113-207 can be found in Unbound Notebook, Vol.16 and Laboratory Scrapbook, Cat. 1146.) The book contains 640 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 62-99, 102-111, 210-640.

Illegible pages not selected: 208-209."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.