Cat. 996 Vol. 4 (1876-1877, 1878)



Cat. 996 Vol. 4 (1876-1877, 1878)


This notebook covers the periods August 1876-January 1877 and June-October 1878. The notes and drawings, some of which are signed and dated by Edison, deal with the electromotograph, etheric force, electric drive for sewing machines, and octruplex (acoustic) telegraphy. There are also extensive tests of chemical solutions, some carried out by Edward H. Johnson, and a patent specification on the chalk-drum telephone, dated 1879.

The book also contains a series of notes and drawings copied into it by William Carman. The originals of this material can be found in the following locations: pages 75-97 in Unbound Notebook, Vol.18; pages 175-192 in NS-78-012, Unbound Notes and Drawings; and pages 270-283 in NS-78-003, Unbound Notes and Drawings. The book contains 640 numbered pages.

Blank pages: 106-173, 194-269, 284-639.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.