Cat. 997 Vol. 5 (1875-1877, 1878-1879)



Cat. 997 Vol. 5 (1875-1877, 1878-1879)


This notebook is divided into two parts. Pages 1-47 cover the period October 1875-January 1877 and deal with autographic and octruplex (acoustic) telegraphy, batteries and battery fluids, duplicating ink, applications for small electric motors, the electric pen and duplicating press, the mirror galvanometer, and the electromotograph. The descriptions are well illustrated, with detailed drawings of component parts and circuit diagrams. They are frequently signed and dated by Edison, Charles Batchelor, and James Adams. There are also several pages containing notes on new ideas relating to inventions such as an artificial fragrant rose, a pocket spectroscope, a flying bird, and an electric shear.

Pages 48-134 contain a series of illustrated caveats relating to various aspects of electric lighting and covering the period September 1878-December 1879. Many are signed by Edison. There is also a caveat for the telephone, as well as an undated, unsigned caveat or patent specification relating to telephone communications. The volume contains 640 numbered pages; pages 136-169 and 174-640 are blank.\n\n

The following is a list of the caveats copied into this notebook. Many of them were published in The Papers of Thomas A. Edison, Vols. 4-5 [TAEB 4-5]. \n\n

  1. Caveat for Electric Light Spirals I. Ca. September 10, 1878. With Addendum, September 13, 1878. TAEB 4, Doc. 1427.
  2. \n\n
  3. Caveat No. 2. [Electric Lighting.] September 27, 1878. TAEB 4, Doc. 1456.
  4. \n\n
  5. Caveat No. 3. Electric Light Subdivision. October 3, 1878. TAEB 4, Doc. 1472.
  6. \n\n
  7. Caveat No. 4. Electric Light Subdivision. October 8, 1878. TAEB 4, Doc. 1485.
  8. \n\n
  9. Caveat No. 5. Electric Light. October 16, 1878. TAEB 4, Doc. 1503. The original drawings for this caveat can be found in Unbound Notes and Drawings: (NS-78-005) Electric Light. Two drawings for Caveat No. 6, October 17, 1878 can also be found in NS-78-005.
  10. \n\n
  11. Caveat. Electric Light. January 13, 1879.
  12. \n\n
  13. Caveat. Electric Light. February 9, 1879. TAEB 5, Doc. 1677.
  14. \n\n
  15. Caveat. [Electric Lighting.] March 17, 1879.
  16. \n\n
  17. Caveat. [Electric Light Subdivision.] August 7, 1879. This caveat is the first coherent statement of what later became known as the \""feeder and main\"" system of electric distribution. A variant version dated August 14, 1879 (TAEB 5, Doc. 1789) can be found at the National Archives in Record Group 241, Records of the Patent and Trademark Office.
  18. \n\n
  19. Caveat. Improvement in the Telephone. August 7, 1879
  20. \n\n



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