Cat. 298 Disbound Scrapbook (1870-1871)



Cat. 298 Disbound Scrapbook (1870-1871)


This scrapbook consists primarily of drawings and contains only a few dated items, covering the period July 1870–September 1871. Some of the drawings are by Edison; others were probably done by draftsmen and mechanics at the American Telegraph Works. The drawings are mostly of telegraph apparatus and range from formal full-scale drafts to rough sketches on scraps of paper. Some of the drawings have been cut out as patterns, possibly for use in the construction of apparatus. There is also a plan of a building and numerous clippings of patent specifications and drawings from the reports of the patent commissioner between 1857 and 1859. (Additional clippings for 1860–1868 can be found in Cat. 1177, Miscellaneous Scrapbook Series.) There is also some business-related material, including advertising circulars, two payroll accounts for January and February 1871, and one account sheet for the firm of Edison & Unger, dated September 13, 1871. The cover is marked \"S.\""

The book contains 215 numbered pages. It was disbound prior to editing. The scrapbook page number appears below each document.

Blank pages: 41–42, 136, 144–157, 161, 164–165, 168–171, 174–175, 178–181, 184–185, 188–192, 194–195, 197–215.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.