Cat. 297 Disbound Scrapbook (1871-1875)



Cat. 297 Disbound Scrapbook (1871-1875)


This scrapbook contains only a few dated entries, covering the period December 1871-November 1875. Most of the notes and drawings are by Edison and relate to various aspects of telegraphy, including the multiplex, automatic, chemical, and domestic telegraph. There are also drafts of Edison 5 caveats and patent applications, as well as descriptions of telegraph-related patents by other inventors. Some of the pages are part of the series of draft essays found in NS-74-002, Unbound Notes and Drawings. The book also contains drafts of letters and essays published in The Operator and The Telegraphic Journal. Other documents include correspondence with George Barker, George Gouraud, and others; accounts, essays, and memoranda; and an issue of Telegraphica, dated June 10, 1873. The cover is marked \"R.\""

The book contains 310 numbered pages. It has been disbound, and most items have been removed from their scrapbook pages prior to editing. The scrapbook page number appears below each document.

Blank pages: 39-40, 49-50, 109-110, 141-142, 155-309."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.