Cat. 1168 Bound Scrapbook (1874-1876)



Cat. 1168 Bound Scrapbook (1874-1876)


This scrapbook covers the period February 1874-January 1876. The laboratory notes and drawings glued into the book are primarily by Edison and Charles Batchelor and relate to telegraphy. There are also paper-strip recordings of musical tones and the human voice. The book also contains many clippings about the telegraph industry, including several large cartoons depicting the Western Union monopoly and the power of Jay Gould, as well as other clippings dealing with matters of technological, scientific, and economic concern. Business-related material includes forms, price lists, and a service map of the Domestic Telegraph Co.; a price list from George Wale & Co., philosophical instrument makers; and advertising circulars. The cover is marked \"Vol P.\""

The book contains 62 numbered pages followed by many unnumbered leaves, all but one of which are blank. Several leaves have been removed from the middle of the volume.

Blank pages: 53-54, 61-62."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.