Autographic Press Notebook #1



Autographic Press Notebook #1


[The following document was discovered after the microfilm edition of Thomas A. Edison Papers, Part I (1850-1878) was published and was initially published in the Supplement Series in the microfilm edition of Thomas A. Edison Papers, Part III (1887-1898). To see the location of this item in the Series Notes for Part I, use the \""Which Series Notes?\"" button.]

This is the first of two notebooks that were used by Edison and Charles Batchelor in January and February 1877 to record notes and drawings relating to the design of a rotary autographic press that would reproduce stencils created by the electric pen. Included are samples of printing done by the press. These books are similar in style to the 13 soft-cover tablet notebooks that constitute Unbound Notebook, Volume 8, which dates from the same time period. The pages are unnumbered, and several have been torn in half. Approximately 45 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.