Notebook #4 (1890-1891)



Notebook #4 (1890-1891)


This notebook covers the period November 1890-June 1891. It contains transcriptions by Arthur E. Kennelly of material from the rough record books used by experimenters in the Galvanometer Room. There are notes, drawings, tables, and calculations regarding a variety of electrical experiments, including tests of meters, batteries, induction coils, lightning arresters, and the carrying capacity of copper wire. In addition, there are extensive notes and design drawings relating to electric traction, including motor tests (some of these experiments were conducted at the Edison General Electric works at Schenectady), determinations of the tensile strength of trolley wire, and notes concerning the set-up of the experimental track at the West Orange laboratory. Also included are notes regarding low-horsepower motors and 3- and 5-wire electric power systems, tests comparing Edison\'s experimental alternators and a.c. motors with those of Westinghouse, and theoretical notes concerning physics, electricity, and mathematics. Among the experimenters whose work appears in this book are Alfred J. Thompson and Arthur Hoopes. At the end of the book is a subject index; it appears at the beginning of the book in the digital edition. The front cover is marked \"IV\"" and \""1890-91.\"" The book contains 170 numbered pages. Some pages were removed before the book was paginated. Numerous graphs, blueprints, tissue copies, and other items have been pasted into the book.

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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.