Notebook #8 (1894-1906)



Notebook #8 (1894-1906)


This notebook covers the period October 1894-Nebruary 1906. It was used by Kennelly after he resigned his position at the West Orange laboratory. There are notes, drawings, tables, and calculations regarding a variety of electrical experiments, including tests of motors, insulation, and photometers; conductivity tests of copper and aluminum wire; and meter and battery tests for the General Electric Lamp Works in Harrison, N.J. and the Edison Manufacturing Co. In addition, there is a one-page entry noting Kennelly\'s return to West Orange to work briefly with Edison on x-ray experiments. Also included are tests conducted with William Stanley and his associates in Pittsfield, Mass., on generators, transformers, and other equipment and 3 pages of notes relating to radio experiments conducted with Reginald Fessenden at Old Point Comfort, Va., Washington, D.C., and Brant Rock, Mass. The front cover is marked \"VIII\"" and \""1894-1905.\"" The book contains 349 numbered pages, a few of which are blank. Numerous graphs, photographs, and other items have been pasted into the book.

Only the entry regarding x-rays has been selected."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.