Notebook, PN-91-09-29 (1894-1896)



Notebook, PN-91-09-29 (1894-1896)


This notebook was used by Clarence B. Fargo at the American Graphophone Co.\'s plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, during the period 1894-1896 for notes on chemical analyses of wax phonograph cylinders. The National Phonograph Co. used the book (as well as PN-95-09-18, Pocket Notebooks) as an exhibit in patent litigation initiated by the Graphophone Co. The book subsequently was retained at Edison\'s laboratory. On pages 109 through 91 (in reverse order) are several formulas for mixing hard wax cylinders. There are also some of Fargo\'s own accounts from the period 1891-1894 and various recipes for drug prescriptions. The spine is stamped \"Receipts.\"" The book contains 159 numbered pages and has been used in both directions.

The notebook pages appear in the following order: 1-49, 157-90.

Blank pages: 6-7, 10-13, 22-43, 50-89, 110-121, 124-149, 158-159."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.