Notebook, E-4296 (1902-1903, 1919)


Notebook, E-4296 (1902-1903, 1919)

This notebook covers the period March 1902-Nebruary 1903, with a few entries from 1919. It contains notes and drawings transcribed by Edison from other notebooks, including many entries from N-03-01-22 (see \"Notebooks by Edison\""). The experiments relate to a variety of matters, including phonograph record composition and molding, electromotographs and amplification, and the chemical properties of compounds. Among the entries are speculative notes on electricity, magnetism, and thermodynamics; a list of 285 experiments or groups of experiments to perform; and a list of compounds that fluoresce in the presence of x-rays. There are references to proposed \""xyz\"" receivers and recorders, \""marconi\"" waves, telephones, organic storage batteries, thermocouples, and other apparatus. There are also references to the work of physicist Adolphe Ganot (E. Atkinson, trans., Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental And Applied: Translated and Edited from Ganot\'s Eléments de Physique) and other scientists. Some of the entries are indicated as \""entered from old books.\"" Beginning on page 61 is a series of \""notes from book of March 1902.\"" The book contains 301 numbered pages. Many pages are blank; pages 1-4 have been removed from the book.

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