Notebook, E-4297 (1903, 1912)



Notebook, E-4297 (1903, 1912)


This notebook covers the period February-December 1903, with a few entries from 1912. It contains notes and drawings transcribed by Edison from other notebooks, including many entries from N-03-02-27.1 and entries related to material in N-03-12-29 (see \"Notebooks by Edison\""). The experiments pertain to a variety of matters, including electricity, electromagnetic radiation, phonographs, photography, and telephones. There are also lists of chemical compounds under headings such as \""gelatinous substances,\"" \""gummy chemicals,\"" \""soapy chemicals,\"" \""pitchy masses,\"" and \""chemicals which can be drawn into threads\""; and a list of slides used to test compounds that fluoresce with radium, with an indication that the radioactive samples were received from William J. Hammer. Other entries deal with amplification, phonograph recording and record molding, x-rays, storage batteries, and experimental apparatus combining cathode and other vacuum tubes with electrical devices. The first page is inscribed \""Volume No. 2 Expmtal Researches.\"" The book contains 404 numbered pages; many pages are blank.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.