PN-70-12-25 (1871)


PN-70-12-25 (1871)

[The following pocket notebook was discovered after the microfilm edition of Thomas A. Edison Papers, Part I (1850-1878) was published and was initially published in the Supplement Series in the microfilm edition of Thomas A. Edison Papers, Part III (1887-1898). To see the location of this item in the Series Notes for Part I, use the \""Which Series Notes?\"" button.]

This is one of two pocket notebooks used by Edison in January 1871. (One entry is dated 25 December 1870, but it was likely made the following January.) Most of the entries relate to automatic telegraphy, particularly the design of perforators, and to the development of an electric sewing machine. There are also notes on printing telegraphy, a list of hours worked on a screw-thread unison, a circuit diagram for testing magnets, and an entry regarding the use of the Paine engine for flying machines. The cover is missing. The pages are unnumbered, and several pages have been torn from the book. Approximately 110 pages have been used."

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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.