PN-89-11-11 (1889-1890)



PN-89-11-11 (1889-1890)


This pocket notebook is one of three pocket notebooks, covering the period November 1889-September 1890, that were used by Arthur C. Payne and William K. L. Dickson for notes regarding ore assays. (See also PN-89-00-00.3 and PN-90-08-20 [not selected].) Included are entries pertaining to iron ore from Orange County, N.Y., and Essex County, N.J., as well as gold ore from Virginia and North Carolina. At the end of the book are 3 pages of rough notes and cost calculations by Edison regarding various mines. Approximately 40 pages have been used.

Only the Edison material has been selected.

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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.