PN-00-01-01 (ca. 1901)



PN-00-01-01 (ca. 1901)


This undated pocket notebook was used by Edison, probably in 1901. It may have been carried on his surveying trip to the Sudbury region of Ontario during that year. It contains a record of ore samples obtained and properties seen or discussed. The entries indicate the location and accessibility of mines, their owners, and property values. Other notes list possible sources of nickel elsewhere in Canada and the United States, often giving names and addresses of mining companies and other suppliers. Scattered pages contain notes regarding experiments on briquetting, battery plates and electrolytes, and other matters. Included are two pages with the heading \"new force,\"" which describe experiments to be performed with a Marconi device, electromotograph, and chalk telephone. The inside back cover contains notations by an unidentified person. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 45 pages have been used.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.