PN-04-12-27 (1904-1905)



PN-04-12-27 (1904-1905)


This pocket notebook was used by Edison during the period December 1904-March 1905. It contains notes and drawings pertaining to experimental work to be performed and reminders about business and legal matters. Many of the proposed experiments relate to the chemical composition of components for storage batteries and to the construction of groups of test cells. Included are tests regarding the charge and discharge of Edison and Gibbs cells, as well as experiments with nickel flake electrodes. Also included are notes relating to patent questions for Frank L. Dyer; business matters to discuss with William E. Gilmore; a plant operations matter for Emil Herter at the Edison Portland Cement Co. works; and questions about graphite for Edward G. Acheson. The undated entries at the beginning of the book may have been made at the Edison Portland Cement Co. works in Stewartsville, New Jersey. Among the employees mentioned in relation to individual experiments are Jonas Walter Aylsworth, Robert A. Bachman, John F. Ott, and O. A. Rogers. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 70 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.