PN-05-03-05 (1905-1908)



PN-05-03-05 (1905-1908)


This pocket notebook consists of a calendar for 1905. It was used by Edison during March 1905-April 1906, and again during early 1908, primarily for notes regarding experimental work and other matters to be undertaken at the laboratory. Many of the proposed experiments pertain to the chemical composition and performance of Edison\'s alkaline storage battery. These include investigations of swelling in the positive electrode pockets, tests of various tubes for the same purpose, related chemical research, and the notation of mileage and routes for an electric vehicle. There are numerous experiments on metallic flake for battery electrodes, including one on cobalt flake marked \"Curious!\"" A few notes and drawings relate to experiments with phonographs. The book also contains notes about the location and availability of cobalt ores in North Carolina and elsewhere. The North Carolina entries are copied from a book identified as \""Wurtz.\"" Included as well are notes about arsenical compounds and reactions; notes about the properties of bismuth; an entry by Edison reminding himself to notify Frank L. Dyer about filing a patent application on the use of cobalt in storage batteries; and some rough calculations and measurements, including cost analysis figures for the Edison Portland Cement Co. works. Among the employees mentioned in relation to individual experiments are Ralph Arbogast, Jonas Walter Aylsworth, Otto Groethe, Frederick P. Ott, John F. Ott, and Ludwig F. Ott. Some of the entries may be difficult to read because of bleeding purple ink or smudged pencil. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 200 pages have been used.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.