PN-07-03-02 (1907)



PN-07-03-02 (1907)


The one dated entry in this pocket notebook is from March 1907. The book, which was probably used in part at Edison\'s winter home in Fort Myers, Florida, contains notes by Edison regarding experimental work and other tasks to be performed. Included are experiments pertaining to x-rays and \"xyz rays,\"" the \""Edison effect,\"" electromotographs, electric lights and rectifiers, \""wireless,\"" and batteries. Some of the proposed experiments involve the use of radium, photographic paper, fluorescent crystals, and cocaine. One experiment involves the lamp of a projecting kinetoscope; another relates to the growing of a plant in the dark while watering it with chlorophyll juice. The entries in the first half of the book are more speculative than those in the second half and include a reference to an unknown ray in the ether. The last page contains a list of landscaping tasks at Fort Myers. Among the employees mentioned in relation to individual experiments are Ralph Arbogast, William G. Bee, Thomas D. Greenley, Otto Groethe, John F. Ott, Ludwig F. Ott, and O. A. Rogers. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 120 pages have been used.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.