PN-07-00-00.2 (ca. 1907)



PN-07-00-00.2 (ca. 1907)


This undated pocket notebook was used by Edison, probably during 1907. It includes lists and descriptions of experiments to perform, reminders about patent and business matters, and notes taken from a book or books on the recovery of silver from nickel and cobalt ores. Many of the experiments pertain to the composition and manufacture of storage battery components and to related chemical researches. Others deal with phonograph reproducers, the composition of phonograph record blanks, cement kilns, and electromotographs. Also included are a number of speculative notes on the properties of light, the nature of electricity, and the use of cocaine as an anesthetic. Among the employees mentioned in relation to individual experiments are Ralph Arbogast, Thomas D. Greenley, Walter E. Holland, Frederick P. Ott, Ludwig F. Ott, and Charles N. or Albert F. Wurth. Employees mentioned in regard to other matters include Frank L. Dyer, Walter S. Mallory, John V. Miller, and H. I. Moyer. In one case Edison considers notifying Dyer about filing a patent application on a method for making metallic flake for storage batteries. Elsewhere there is a reminder to write Mallory about bauxite and a blast furnace. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 100 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.