PN-07-06-15 (1907-1908)



PN-07-06-15 (1907-1908)


This pocket notebook was begun by Edison in June 1907 and was probably used until mid or late 1908 for notes and drawings regarding experimental work and other tasks to be performed at the laboratory. Many of the experiments pertain to the composition and performance of Edison\'s alkaline storage battery. Others relate to phonographs and phonograph records; radium, \"scintillation,\"" and radiation; the chemical properties of boron and boron compounds; and Edison\'s kinetophone. Among the employees mentioned in connection with individual experiments are Ralph Arbogast, Walter E. Holland, Alexander N. Pierman, and Herman Wolke. The book also contains numerous entries regarding patent, business, and personal affairs. Included is a reminder to pursue a patent on a \""new kiln aging process\"" for cement and to evaluate recent patents on phonograph record blanks. Also included is a comparison between process patents and musical copyright. In addition, there are notes pertaining to Edison\'s investments, the Essex Press, the Douglas Phonograph Co., the costs of cement production, and market shares among motion picture companies. Employees mentioned in regard to these matters include Frank L. Dyer, William E. Gilmore, and Alphons Westee. Among the entries of a personal nature are notes on medical books, including one work by William Osler and another about intestinal diseases, and a remark about \""setting [the] NY Sun right\"" on who invented the kinetograph. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 80 pages have been used.




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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.