PN-07-00-00.3 (1907-1908)



PN-07-00-00.3 (1907-1908)


This undated pocket notebook was probably used by Edison during late 1907 and may have been used in early 1908. It contains notes and lists regarding experimental work and other tasks to be performed at the laboratory. Many of the experiments pertain to the composition and performance of alkaline storage batteries and to related chemical researches. The entries describe groups of test cells, indicate experiments with bismuth compounds, and list insoluble alkalis. Other experiments relate to dynamos, phonographs, the hardness of phonograph record blanks, molds and tints for cement, electromotographs, and an amplifying device. Among the employees mentioned in relation to individual experiments are Robert A. Bachman, Walter E. Holland, George H. Hooper, Jr., Ludwig F. Ott, and O. A. Rogers. There are also notations about patent, business, and clerical matters. Included are reminders to talk with Frank L. Dyer about a patent on a speaking kinetoscope and about possible legal action against a phonograph dealer; to suggest marketing ideas to William E. Gilmore; to instruct John F. Randolph about signing checks; to contact Walter S. Mallory and William H. Mason at the Edison Portland Cement Co.; and to dispatch William G. Bee to do research on electric vehicles licensed in different states. Also included are notes about printed sources that illustrate architectural details, for potential use with a molded concrete house; and listings of the numbers of motion picture films sold during autumn 1907. Three loose sheets containing entries by Edison on phonograph patents have been inserted into the book. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 90 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.