PN-09-07-20 (1909-1910)



PN-09-07-20 (1909-1910)


This pocket notebook was used by Edison during 1909 and 1910 for notes on experimental work and other tasks to be performed at the laboratory. Many of the experimental entries pertain to phonographs. Included are notes about various reproducers, possible amplification devices, phenolic resins and other materials for record blanks, cabinet design, and recording conditions. Also included are references to phonograph marketing, musicians, litigation, patents, and sales. Among the employees mentioned in connection with these matters are Jonas Walter Aylsworth, Frank L. Dyer, William Goodwin, Walter H. Miller, Alexander N. Pierman, and Peter Weber. There is also a reminder to send private investigator Joseph F. McCoy to the Victor Talking Machine Co. works in Camden, New Jersey, and the American Graphophone Co. works in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Other entries indicate the number of musical selections from 1902 to September 1910, along with the amount of sales to March 1910. One notation providing the names of musicians is in an unidentified hand. In addition, the book contains notes on electric vehicles, storage batteries, cement production, and motion picture rentals. Employees mentioned in regard to these concerns include John R. Anderson, Jr., Herman E. Kiefer, Walter S. Mallory, and William H. Mason. There are also entries pertaining to Edison\'s life insurance, the transfer of property to Mina Miller Edison, and the use of space at the laboratory. The front flyleaf has been used upside down and the first page of notes has been written over an erased but partially legible autobiographical entry. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 100 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.