PN-09-08-10 (1909)



PN-09-08-10 (1909)


This pocket notebook was used by Edison during 1909, although the inside front cover bears the date of April 28, 1919. It contains notes regarding experimental work and other tasks to be performed at the laboratory. Like PN-09-07-20, this notebook indicates Edison\'s renewed commitment to work on his phonograph toward the end of 1909. Among the experiments described are many suggesting new materials for phonograph record blanks, new reproducers, sapphire and diamond styli, and recording apparatus. Other entries relate to musicians and musical instruments for recording sessions, motion picture marketing and distribution, kinetophones, long tubes for battery electrodes, paints and tints for cement, and the cost of limestone. Also included are estimates of Edison\'s royalty income, along with reminders to inquire about the value of his property in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and to check on patents for cement kilns, storage batteries with lithium hydroxide electrolytes, and new natural and synthetic materials for phonograph record blanks. Among the individuals mentioned in regard to experimental and other work are Frank L. Dyer, Otto Groethe, Daniel Higham, John Lansden, and Dyer Smith. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.