PN-13-07-12 (1913)



PN-13-07-12 (1913)


The first dated entry in this pocket notebook is from July 1913, although the book was probably started at the beginning of the year. It was used by Edison to record ideas about business matters, experiments to be tried, and other tasks to be performed. Many of the items have been crossed out. Included are technical notes relating to electroplating, disc records, automobile starters, batteries, home projecting kinetoscopes, telephones, and electromotographs. Many of the entries pertaining to disc records are preceded by experiment numbers, which may correspond to experiment numbers in other notebooks. Toward the end of the book are business-related entries regarding problems with disc record manufacture, costs, labor, orders, investments, and the financial standing of various Edison companies. Similar information can be found in PN-13-09-24. The last two pages contain notes in Edison\'s hand about the social activities of his wife, Mina Miller Edison, probably during the period April 22-May 15, 1913.

Among the numerous Edison employees mentioned in the book are chemists Jonas Walter Aylsworth, Peter C. Christensen, and Ignacy Goldstein; master machinist Robert A. Bachman; experimenter Charles T. Dally; William Walter Dinwiddie and Sherwood T. (Sam) Moore, two of Edison\'s principal assistants in the development of disc records; Harold H. Smith, chief of the Battery Research Dept.; and Carl H. Wilson, vice president and general manager of Thomas A. Edison, Inc. There are also many references to industrialist Henry Ford. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used.



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.