PN-18-09-10.1 (1918)



PN-18-09-10.1 (1918)


The dated entries in this pocket notebook are from September and November 1918. The book was used by Edison to record ideas about experiments to be tried and other tasks to be performed. Some of the experiments were conducted at the garage at Glenmont, Edison\'s home in Llewellyn Park, New Jersey. There are numerous entries pertaining to storage batteries and Lalande primary batteries, including chemical experiments involving copper, nickel, bismuth, lithium, and zinc. There are also notes on disc record production, along with some entries that were copied from published sources. In addition, there is a drawing of a receiving device for submarine detection, with a notation that it \"should go in war book\"" (PN-18-09-10.2). Among the employees mentioned in the book are Peter C. Christensen, Charles T. Dally, William Walter Dinwiddie, and Ludwig F. (Louis) Ott. The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 160 pages have been used."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.