(NS-74-002) Telegraph


(NS-74-002) Telegraph

This folder contains notes and drafts for a proposed book by Edison on telegraphy and electricity. Most of the notes were probably written during the winter of 1873-1874. Similar material can be found in Unbound Notes and Drawings, NS-74-001 and NS-Undated-005; in Laboratory Scrapbook, Cat. 297; in Laboratory Notebook, Cat. 30,099; and in Laboratory Notebook, Cat. 1176. It is not known why Edison did not complete the book, but the material prepared for it may have appeared in some of the articles he wrote during the fall of 1874 as science editor of The Operator. The essay \"On the Effect of Self Induction . . .\"" (item 19, below) was prepared for The Telegraphic Journal, according to a docket on the back of one of the pages.

Items discovered after the publication of Thomas A. Edison Papers: A Selective Microfilm Edison, Part I (1850-1878) and subsequently published in the Supplement to Part III have been integrated into the sequence of essays and are identified on the list below.

Table of Contents
1) \""The author of this work . . .\"" (1 page; incomplete).
2a) \""Notes & Ideas for Book.\"" (3 pages; Edison\'s hand).
2b) Transcription of (2a). (1 page).
3a) \""Notes -- Neutralizing Escape.\"" Transcription. (42 pages; page 12 missing).
3b) Pages 1-11 of (3a) in Edison\'s hand. (38 small pages).
3c) Transcription of (3b) plus some additional material. (18 pages).
3d) Pages 13-15 of (3a), here numbered 22-29, in Edison\'s hand, preceded by different material on pages 20-22. (10 pages).
4) \""We will suppose that . . .\"" (7 pages; incomplete; Edison\'s hand).
5a) \""The effects of the transmitting battery . . .\"" (14 pages; incomplete; Edison\'s hand).
5b) \""The Duplex principle . . .\"" Another version of (5a). (9 pages; incomplete; Edison\'s hand).
6a) \""In a Duplex apparatus . . .\"" Transcription. The last page transcribes the first of (3d). (12 pages).\n
6b) Pages 1-7 of 6(a) in Edison\'s hand. (11 pages).\n
7a) \""Induction Relay.\"" (9 pages, with 2 additional pages from TAEM Part III Supplement; incomplete; Edison\'s hand).
7b) Transcription of (7a). (4 pages).
8a) \""Morse Telegraph contends with Line,\"" page 2. Transcription. (1 page; incomplete).
8b) This appears to be a
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