(NS-75-001) General



(NS-75-001) General


[The first paragraph of this note covers all of the Unbound Notes and Drawings for Part I.]

The loose technical notes and drawings constituting this collection cover the years 1873-1878. They relate to a variety of subjects, including telegraphy, electric lighting and power, the electric pen and duplicating press, the telephone, and the phonograph. There are also documents pertaining to various other subjects, such as carbon rheostats, acoustic devices, the tasimeter, and the voltameter. The unbound notes and drawings are organized by year and within each year by subject. Undated notes and drawings, organized by subject, follow the dated material.

This folder contains two documents. The first is by Charles Batchelor and is a list of possible inventions labeled \""Wanted May 31 1875.\"" A similar list can be found on page 2 of Cat. 1214, Account Series. Cost accounts for experiments related to these lists can be found on pages 60-126 of Cat. 1214. The second document consists of 16 pages of notes and drawings by Edison relating to experiments on the electromotograph, some of which may concern the use of that device for telegraphy."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.