Notes and Drawings (1879-1886; undated)



Notes and Drawings (1879-1886; undated)


[The following note covers all of the oversize notes and drawings for 1879-1886.]

The Oversize Notes and Drawings contain 120 technical documents, primarily drawings, that are too large to fit in standard-size document folders. They cover a variety of subjects, but most relate to electric lighting. A few drawings concern telephones and electric railways. Included also is a set of Menlo Park machine shop drawings, dating from 1879 and 1880. These drawings were produced by the staff of the laboratory\'s machine shop prior to the production of experimental devices and models. Almost all of the drawings relate to work on the electric light but there are a few miscellaneous drawings of the telephone. In order to preserve the integrity of the collection, the few standard-size machine shop drawings appear with the oversize drawings."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.