Unbound Notebooks, Vol. 10 (1876)



Unbound Notebooks, Vol. 10 (1876)


This volume covers the period January-November 1876. Most of the notes and drawings are by Edison; others are by Charles Batchelor, James Adams, and John Kruesi. The material in this volume relates primarily to acoustic telegraphy and to the use of the acoustic principle in multiple telegraphy. There are also a few drawings of the etheroscope. The volume consists of 116 numbered, unbound pages. Pages 1, 12, 68, and 99 are missing. Additional pages missing from this volume can be found in facsimile in the Telephone Interferences.\n\n

Following the last page of Vol. 10 is a set of eight images, primarily from this volume, that constitute Doc. 749 in The Papers of Thomas A. Edison, Vol. 3 [TAEB 3]. The images appear in the following order: Vol. 10: 21, 24, 22; Vol. 15: 107 (2 images); NS-76-002 (2 images); Vol. 10: 23. \n\n

Pages 49-60 (TAEB 3, Doc. 765) have been arranged in their proper sequence: 49-52, 59-60, 53-57, 58 (from the Telephone Interferences). \n\n

Pages 61-67 and 70 (TAEB 3, Doc. 766) have been arranged in the following order: 64, 63, 61, 62, 70, 65-67; one additional page (Vol. 15: 135) appears between pages 61 and 62.\n\n

Pages 74-85 (TAEB 3, Doc. 768), which were numbered in reverse order, have been arranged in their proper sequence."



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Courtesy of Thomas Edison National Historical Park.