[CB017], Publication, Edison Electric Light Co, April 6th, 1883



17th bulletin. Contents: First District, NYC; Village Lighting plant at Roselle; small central station at Watertown, NY; depot and post office at Stuttgart; "Praise for the Edison Light;" NY Commercial Advertiser; Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore; SS Alemeda; Waterloo station London; installations of Western Edison; incandescent and arc compared; Dakota Apartment Bldg lighted in NYC; Madrid, Spain factory; Steamship lighting and safety; Villard's residence, NYC; "Progress in Chile;" NY Truth lighted; Strasbourg depot lighted; Lake George, NY hotel; Imperial Palace, Vienna partially lighted; sugar refinery at Philadelphia; Boston newspaper; isolated plants in Cuba; Philadelphia testimonial; woolen mill in Louisville; Philadelphia shipyard; NYC Hawthorne Flats wired; village plant for Brockton, MA: Edison Exhibit at Munich; Dry goods store in Detroit; "A Bad Failure of Gas;" NYC apartment house wired; Milwaukee's Best Brewery; Appleton hotel testimonial; NYC Western Union bldg lighted; European company's 3rd bulletin; central station at Dijon France; Pemberton Mill plant; NYC fire engine house; exhibition plant at Williamsport, PA; "England. Progress of the Edison Light;" NYC Tilden's residence; contracts closed by Western Edison; "A Gas Newspaper on Gas. Adverse Criticism;" testimonial from National Tube Works; woolen mill philadelphia testimonial; Lenni, PA testimonial; SS Pilgrim plant; New Haven steamboat pier lighted; SS Tarawera lighted; Cornwall Mill in Canada lighted; Wlshire Bldg, Cleveland; London: Holborn Restaurant lighted; House of Commons; NYC Mail and Express to be lighted; "Testimonial from Anamosa;" "Edison Factory in France. Mr. Batchelor Complimented;" progress in Manchester UK; NYC Fulton Mkt; "London. Success of Our Street Lighting;" Maine tannery; Boston State House lighted; 17 days of continuous engine operation at central station; Boston Advertiser plant; "How Gas Vitiates the Air;" "Danger from Gas."







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[CB017], Publication, Edison Electric Light Co, April 6th, 1883

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University

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