[D0014ABC], Letter from Galisteo Co, W T Lawson to Thomas Alva Edison, November 19th, 1900


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[D0014ABC], Letter from Galisteo Co, W T Lawson to Thomas Alva Edison, November 19th, 1900




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of Galisteo Company
November 19 1900.
Thomas A. Edison Esq
Orange, New Jersey
My dear Mr. Edison:
The last three days I been studying over the Cunningham mess of the Ortiz Grant, in order, that I might understand the situation sufficiently well, to enable me to describe, to one who has not seen it, what half a mile square of this [placer?] looks like and amounts to in extent. I have had a photographic panorama of the Cunningham places made and it is mailed to you along with this letter.
Panorama _
With the Edison Mill as a [centre?] the cleaned portion of the mesa shown in the panorama, dotted with immesurable Mexican workings, will average about 250 a feet wide by 5500 feet long; or say, half a mile square of Mesa. Commencing from the left the limit of the cleaned portion is about 1500 feet below the present mill location, as shown on picture No 1.
Photo. No 1 begins at head of Arroyo Viejo, at the front of the present mill location and joins
Photograph No 2 at a point near the Location of new shaft No 19 in White's Survey section 23, Letterhead of Galisteo Company.
Dolores, New Mexico.
and photo No 2 at its limits leads up along Cunningham which from White's [contour?] survey section 45 to 24 inclusive, and new shaft No 10 is prominent in this photograph _
Photograph No 3 continues along Cunningham to the middle of section 5 and contains the new shafts 9 and 14.
Photograph No. 4 continues to the middle Section 3 of White's Survey Map _
The limits of Photographs 5 & 6 cover section 3, 2, & 1 of White's Contour map and go even for there westward, and in the upper limits of these two photos we have [dedicated?] Cunningham Hill and to its left Cunningham Gulch disappearing in the mountains this is the outlet of the basin. The superficial extent of this cleaned portion, as well as, the entire Mesa, can be seen as another pursuit of Mr. White's contour map, which will be immediately sent to you. This has marked upon it all the new shafts and the principal old shafts of the cleared portion of the Mesa. Below these, however, in the still wooded portion of the Mesa there are many Mexican openings that have never been examined. Now, these various shafts scattered over the Mesa, vary in Galisteo Company.
Dolores, New Mexico.
depth from 20 feet around the Mill, to 110 feet in depth half a mile below the Mill, certainly, giving an average of over 50 feet in a mile square of the mesa. We know the gold is more or less distributed over the entire area, richer in certain channels, and some of these richer portions can be definitely defined. The question is where is this great of yours to be situated, is that it it will be favorably placed for working the great amount of pay gravel (not rich gravel) in this immense area? [Or?], is it to be situated as to work only the rich channels? These are questions that you can never decide satisfactorily until you have actually been on the ground.
The mill, of course, is closed down, these being no for their use for it at present, and your young men are testing the gravel from the new shafts. They seem to regard their work here as about finished for the time being. They have expressed the hope to be back in [Prague?] before Xmas, but they also say they wish you Letterhead of Galisteo Company
Dolores, New Mexico
would spend a few days with these on this property before they return East. I feel sure they have done their work well and they very confident of the outcome.
I shall be about here for another week and will then return to New York.
Yours very truly
W. T. Lawson
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