[D0016AAN], Letter from Dyer Edmonds and Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, October 31st, 1900


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[D0016AAN], Letter from Dyer Edmonds and Dyer to Thomas Alva Edison, October 31st, 1900




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of Law Offices of Dyer, Edmonds & Dyer
31 Nassau Street,
New York.
October 31, 1900.
Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,
Orange, N. J.
Dear Sir,-
The interference which was declared between the Macdonald application and your patent of May 8th 1900 on the big matter duplicating with an additional issue limited to the bridge which straddles the master and which carries the recorder and reproducer. We assume that the invention as it was conceived by you in June 1898 and embodied in the experimental model of July 1898 did in fact include this bridge for carrying the recorder and reproducer, and upon this assumption we have prepared and enclose a preliminary statement for the new interference, giving the same dates of invention etc. as were given by you in your preliminary statement filed in the dissolved interference. If we are incorrect, and if in fact the bridge was not invented until a later date, kindly advise us in order that the statement may be corrected.
In furnishing us with data for the preparation of your preliminary statement in the first interference, you said on July 9th last that about 40 of the machines ordered on February 2nd 1899 from the Edison Phonograph Works had
<Answered Nov 3/1900>
[TAE Marginalia] been delivered and put in operation up to that time. In the enclosed statement we have left the number of these machines blank, as it occurs to us that possibly more of the machines may now be in operation than were in use in July. If so, kindly supply the correct number in the statement.
The statement requires to be signed as we have indicated in the presence of a Notary Public, and as it must be filed in Washington before the 9th of November, we would be obliged if you would execute and return the same to us at your early convenience.
Yours very truly,
Dyer Edmonds & Dyer
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