[D0102AAG], Letter from William S Logue to William Edgar Gilmore, November 4th, 1901


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[D0102AAG], Letter from William S Logue to William Edgar Gilmore, November 4th, 1901




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Chicago Ill., Nov, 4th 1901
W.E. Gilmore, Esq.,
Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr., Edison Mfg. Co.,
Orange, N.J.
Dear Sir:-
Mr. Vogel surprised me this morning by telling me in strict confidence, that his Company controlled the foundation Patent for the Oxide Scale Battery.
He claims that they can close up the Gordon, Waterbury, and Nungusser Companies. He claims that the Patent has about nine or ten years to run. He says he thinks that it could be arranged with his Company to enter into an Agreement with the Edison people to use the Edison Battery exclusively, for the crossing Bell Signal work.
"I presume that you know that the Railroad Supply Co., controls all the Railroad Crossing Signals, with the exception of the Hall, and the Union Switch & Signal Companies, crossing bell."
The Signal Companies do very little crossing bell work on account of the high price of their appliance.
Mr. Vogel says that he is under the impression that his Company would bring suit against the three Companies first mentioned in this letter, that is if a satisfactory arrangement could be made with his Company, to handle our goods. He also informed me that his Company contemplated going into the Battery business, and he personally would prefer to make some arrangement with us. He intimated that he would want a special type of cell made so that his Company would be protected on renewals etc.
I told Mr. Vogel that you were expected in Chicago most any day, and if he was in the City when you arrived, I would try and arrange a meeting. He goes away tonight or tomorrow night to be gone about a week. I of course did not commit myself in any way, saying that when you and he got together the matter could be soon fixed up.
He said that he knew exactly what the Gordon people as well as ourselves had paid out for commission to Railroad people, and to whom. He would not give me these figures, but claimed that we had two men on our list. I positively denied this, he insisted that he was right, because in two cases the Gordon people had to raise the commission in order to get the business. I still insisted that no one was receiving commission from us.
He tells me that he has been investigating the Battery business for more than a year, an as proof that he was doing so, he gave me the following figures.
The Gordon Battery sales in 96 was $24,900 in 97, $41,400, in 98, $59,536, in 99, $81,321, the first quarter in 1900, $36,360, second quarter $29,854, this is as far as he has.
After he gave me these figures I said, have our figures? he smiled and said, I will not tell.
I should judge from the above that there is a leak in the Gordon Office. Are there any at Orange? Of course al the above was given in strictest confidence.
When do you expect to be in Chicago.
Yours very truly,
W.S. Logue
Western Sales Agent
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