[D0104AAR], Letter from Robert Rafn to Thomas Alva Edison, November 12th, 1901


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[D0104AAR], Letter from Robert Rafn to Thomas Alva Edison, November 12th, 1901





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Hotel Savonia Berlin Nov. 12th 1901
Mr. Thomas A. Edison
Llewellyn Park
Dear Sir,
As Mr. Dyer will have told you, I sent to him on Oct. 29th a cable saying: "Business finished, what next?" It appeared to Dr. Sell and to myself at that time, that there would do little work of any importance for me for the following 6-10 weeks, the time usually required by the examiner to go through and to act in the cases.
In order, then, to prevent that I should be nearly idle for 18-20 days i.e. till I could get orders by mail from America, I sent said message and received in answer the cable, known to you: "Assist Norway, Sweden, Austria, advise Brandon Paris letter today. Dyer"
On the same day I sent a copy of this cable to Messrs Brandon and put myself to their disposal, explaining to them the purpose of my presence in Europe; on Nov. 6th I got on answer informing me on the state of affairs in the different countries and ending thus:
"Therefore, so far, your attention to these matters is not needed for the present. Will you kindly let us know your address at all times so that we may communicate with you/" According to this I had only to wait for Mr. Dyer's announced letter, and, as just at that time we received the examiner's informations in the Cd-Cu-case, some days later in the Mg-case, I had plenty to do, going through these cases and composing the amendments with Dr. Sell.
Today then, I received Mr. Dyer's letter giving good and clear information and again directing me to Messrs. Brandon. As, however, I should be of little direct use in Paris, I prefer to write and ask of letters of introduction to the Vienna attorneys, and shall then on the receipt of such letters leave for Vienna. My present work in this city will be finished by tomorrow, and I shall not be needed here till about 3 weeks, when we get the examiner's decisions in the Ni-Fe cases.
I send under separate care the translations of the amendments of Oct. 24th, which you will probably find a little limited; but still I think, it must be considered good luck, if the inflexible German office will allow them without further change.
The latest informations in the Cu-Cd-case, for instance, were so contrary, that Dr. Sell believes that he will be able to use them, if needed, as a good argument against the examiner before the next instance, in the Fe-Ni-case.
The examiner is, as I mentioned before, a singular exception as far as lack of good will and intelligence is concerned.
Regarding the Jungner cell I am informed by a friend, just coming from Stockholm, that there has been formed a 100,000 dollars company to the manufacturing of same in 100,000 dollars company to the manufacturing of same in Nyoping, Sweden, and that their automobiles may be seen in Stockholm, climbing the steep hills of that city at an impressive speed, and carrying a surprisingly low weight battery. This is not very encouraging, as regards to the annihilation of Jungner's patent in England l but in the Cd-Cu-case, there has been cited against us an Am. Pat. by Faure No. 389882 of Sept. 88, describing and claiming a principle of which Jungner's principle is nothing but a special case. According to German law, this allows the annihilation of Jugner's patent, and thus there appears to be no danger in that respect to this country. How correct is this in case of England I, of course, do not know, but, at all events, I mention same to Mr. Dyer in my letter today.
With best wishes for your health I remain yours respectfully
Robert Refn
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