[D0106AAL], Letter from C A Gardner to Thomas Alva Edison, July 12th, 1901


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[D0106AAL], Letter from C A Gardner to Thomas Alva Edison, July 12th, 1901





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Sheffield, July 12th 1901
Dear Sir
I take the liberty of writing to ask if you can assist me in making the enclosed article non-inflammable. Disappointment is the cause of my addressing you though I am aware that I cannot consider myself privileged to do so. I know there is a fortune in the secret of rendering this article, non-inflammable. I have no hesitation in saying that when you have solved the difficulty you may conscientiously expect the whole of the proceeds and I would not complain but leave the matter entirely in your hands. I am confident if it can be done you can do it. I can easily get several hundred pounds for the secret and if the matter be done in a businesslike manner as many thousands could be got for it. Without further comment I will give, in as concise a manner as possible, the necessary details on separate sheet. Should my letter be considered out of place please consign the loft to waste paper basket + forget
Yours sincerely
Ca Gardner
trading as J. Clark + Co
P.S. It would be a kindness to drop a line to end he miserable suspense + I enclose stamped envelope for this purpose +P.S. Mr. Herman Maxim attempted to solve the difficulty and was unsuccessful. He says it is impossible. Method of preparing enclosed article.
Melt Sulphur in an air tight vessel to 240° F. Immerse a piece of cardboard + when bubbling ceases exhaust the air from vessel then allow air to rush in thus creating pressure. The article is then put under hydraulic pressure. It is inflammable + what is required is to force something into the article to make it fireproof. The more simpler the process the better.
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