[D0204AAA], Letter from Robert Rafn to Thomas Alva Edison, April 24th, 1902


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[D0204AAA], Letter from Robert Rafn to Thomas Alva Edison, April 24th, 1902





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of Savoy Hotel
am Bahnhof
Apr 24 1902
Mr Thos A. Edison
Orange, N. J.
Dear Sir:
Mr Dyer informs me that there has been appealed in the [British?] case I think the patent may [amended?] on several points, and I am writing Mr Dyer as well as the London correspondent on that subject
We have received several official informations in the German cases, - all more or less absurd.
I really do not know what to think about the office, but one thing is for sure : if all patent applications were given a treatment like your [home?] got, there would be rather few patents granted in Germany.
I am inclined to ascribe the stubbornness of the officials to pure chauvinism, but Dr. Sele denies this and says that the real reason is that
Write & say _ that as far as We can test it the [illegible] [illegible] is mostly metallic iron when [charged?] _ on account of rapid oxidation in air when tested the [illegible] is difficult = Zinc plates on Magnesium Pale [illegible] but the second plating often discharge the examine in question (whom he knows personally) is such kind of a democrat that he feels satisfaction in "tantalizing" a former inventor.
The last information in the combination case insist upon an [illegible] test of the cell. For that reason I have cabled you : send test cell is Wayside metallic when "charged." The last question is of great importance for the argumentation in the combination _ as [made?] to [your?] case; knowing no absolute proof and presuming that [mask?] might have been produced since I left, I think it best to cable the question.
It is Dr Sill's to have a Dresden professor, Dr. [Foersher?], a clever electrochemist, perform the test, and Mr [Serbel?] has given his [easiest?] [illegible?]. The test will be made as soon as the cell arrives. At the same time we file a complaint, objecting to the demand of such test
We also give in a complaint to the president for the German [illegible], explaining the case and pointing out, one [for?] one, all the [cylinders?], judicial and technical, made by the examiner. It is a known fact, however, that Prussian officials stick together like putty, "so there is little hope for" getting right officially _ the president will surely corroborate his subordinate.
But it is more likely that the prospect of a scandal _ caused by even [illegible] publication from our side in some judicial paper, will frighten them and make them reasonable. _ I have very good hope for the [illegible] [now?] _ although it may take some months yet before we will get results.
During a verbal conference at the patent office this morning the (concerning the iron patents) the examiner was quite reasonable and it appears that our latest arguments in those cases will save patents.
He even consented to letting me demonstrate some of your claims regarding : the impracticability of the Pollack iron patent, the plating of magnesium electrodes, and the importance of the different temperature on the density of reduced copper; and I am now preparing to make such experiment.
I am going to Dresden, shortly, to confer with Prof. Foerster.
Seeing, lately, that it would last rather long before I should be needed anywhere here in Europe, I determined to arrange for going back to America, but having now got plenty of work, and being advised by Mr Dyer as well as by Mr Dick to stay and await the results I remain here till further.
As far as I understand, Mr [illegible], your Swedish assistant, contained my work with the magnesium electrode, if good results have been obtained, I should like well to have a short rapport on [illegible] experiments and beg you, kindly have [rush?] one short. To me, as it may prove of great help in my demonstrations.
I send you today a statement of my expenditures [illegible] fill Apr 21 and of the sums received.
The difference has gone to cover part of my [illegible] expenses and will be charged to my account by Mr. Randolph.
Hoping that you are in good health, I remain
Yours very respectfully
Rob. Rafn.
I have just received your cable, which was delayed on reason of insufficient [illegible] : Rafn. Berlin.
(Kindly use : Rafn, [illegible] Berlin)
Unfortunately the most important work has been changed on the way : "As far as possible to test us as ametallic when changed." It may be no or all, of which, I assume, all is the right one.
<Answered May 2, 1903>
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