[D0204AAE], Letter from Willis N Stewart to Thomas Alva Edison, June 6th, 1902


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[D0204AAE], Letter from Willis N Stewart to Thomas Alva Edison, June 6th, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


62 Hackford Road,
Brixton, London, S. W. June 6 _ 1902.
Dear Mr. Edison:-
Confirming my respects of the 4th inst. I have today secured the papers lacking in the Jungner matter, and shall submit them to Berg = [illegible] as soon as I mean that he is in Berlin. What I now have is as follows:-
Legal brief submitted by the Jungner Co. to King's Counsel here, fully describing their claims. This is the groundwork of their whole case, as Counsel advised that they had a good case.
Private report of Prof. George von [Kmorre?], Chief of the Imperial Technical School of [Charlattenburg?], on validity of Jungner claims. This was the basis of the decision of the German Patent Office against you, and is of great importance, as Prof. von [Knorre?] is the best Continental authority on batteries. He is now engaged in experimenting on the solubility of silver in alkaline solution and this report I shall get the one I have cost me a lot of trouble to get and over $250. in cash.
Report of Profs. [illegible] and [Schrop], authors of the book, "The Secondary Element." in favour of Jungner.
Report of amateur distinguished Professor at the Dresden Technical School in favour of Jungner.
Particulars of the test of 4 batteries made by Jungner in strict accordance with his Patents, all of which failed in 2 or 5 days from silver troubles, the silver dissolving and blackening the asbestos paper where is passed through. These 4 batteries were tested in America by responsible parties whose evidence can be had at any time, and shows Jungner's battery to be wrong in theory and in fact, and by witnesses external to your people or your laboratory. This evidence, properly presented, will condemn Jungner in every court in the world by his own product.
Similar evidence as to batteries made by Jungner and tested on the Continent.
Many other papers on same subject.
If you have not wired Bergmann on receipt of this, I hope you will do so at once. I only want traveling expenses. And if you can give me a chance for business on occupation in Austria, or in any country where my knowledge of Spanish useful, I shall be very grateful. I can get plenty of capital in Austria, and perhaps in Spain, but prefer the former. Kindly write me about this, and as soon as I can get Berlin I will send you copies of above papers. The Jungner people are very sure that they can hold their broad claim, as they have so many eminent experts at their side, and they will probably claim that Rafn had early information of Jungren's work from a person in Sweden. But the proofs of what happened to Jungner's own batteries will settle matters.
Sincerely yours
W. N. Stewart
P.S. Wire or write to Bergmann only.
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