[D0204AAG], Letter from Roger W Wallace to Thomas Alva Edison, June 15th, 1902


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[D0204AAG], Letter from Roger W Wallace to Thomas Alva Edison, June 15th, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


2, Harcourt Buildings,
Temple, E. C.
June 15th 1902.
T. A. Edison Esq.
Dear Edison
I hope Mr. Dick has explained to you fully the difficulties that I have had in carrying through the flotation of the [Dunder?] and company and the personal [illegible] that I had to make.
[Mon.?] Dick promised to do this for me as I did not wish to trouble you by writing letters knowing how very trying it is to have to keep up the correspondence when you have to many things more important things to attend to. My object in writing now is on the very important matter of battery.
I am aware that there are controversies going on with
<Dick _ please return with comments so I can answer or you can answer fully the difficulties I [illegible] me a copy _ my chemist trading me [in?] company and the good _
[TAE Marginalia] regard to your patent & Jungner, Jungner is also at work in developing his innovation and recently has made very important slides. As I told Mr. Dick, I have now secured a control of Jungner's inventions for a few months and have studied its bearings upon the rations patients upon the protection likely to be afforded to that type of battery. I am of opinion that without Jungner's patents no sufficient protection can be given to prevent infringement of your patents. I therefore advise you strongly while the matter is in my hands to arrange for an amalgamation of yours and Jungner's interest which now can be done at a moderate expenditure. In a few weeks time it will the impossible to heat at all became whatever may happen in America. Jungner's patents here will certainly control the monopoly dating the term of his patents.
Mr. Dick no doubt will have told you of these matters and as there is no one interested in them except myself it would be easy to arrange without other complications such as we have had in the Edison Squad.
I explained my position to the Standard Construction [Squad?], and they have a written letter to you asking to be allowed to finance the matter. In any case I think it would be a good thing to get the capital through them considering they are now way powerful and that it is the best managed of the three companies formed here in your interest, but first of all I think the proper course for you to adopt is to arrange with the Jungren people, which will save you much time in fighting the patents and also prevent you from being said merely to have made certain mechanical improvements upon the principle which he had discerned as applied to secondary batteries.
I think your chemists are advising you wrongly for I have the opinions here in answer to their declarations from the greatest chemists showing that they are in the wrong.
- You will forgive me putting the matter before you strongly but unless I had been of the opinion that I was helping you I should not have taken any responsibility of interfering in the matter. I have just learned today that the strike in Dunderland is over, but we are being seriously hampered through non delivery of goods.
[TAE Marginalia?] I had done all I could to get the things ordered long before but only succeeded in getting [illegible overstruck handwriting] matters pushed forward after a very hard fight and it is very annoying and it is very annoying to find that in many instances the delay which took place cannot be now remedied. Of course you are aware that I am not on the Dunderland Board that I am Chairman of the Construction Company which has as far as the Dunderland Co. is concerned to submit in everything to the decisions of the Board.
I do hope that you are much better physically and that everything is going well.
With kind regards
Believe me, yours very sincerely
R W Wallace
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