[D0204AAM], Letter from Robert Rafn to Thomas Alva Edison, July 26th, 1902


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[D0204AAM], Letter from Robert Rafn to Thomas Alva Edison, July 26th, 1902





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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


July 26, 1902.
To Dr. L. Sell.
[illegible] St. 22
Thomas A. Edison Esq.
Orange N. J.
Dear Sir:
The test cell arrived here a week ago, and proved to be in perfect condition. After a change of 12 hours at 30 Amps it gave, at a note of 40 Amps. ca. 160 Amps. hours; After second change of 30 Amps for 6 hours it gave 120 Amps hours above .9 V, at a note of 40 Amps.
[Unfortunately?] the cell was very much delayed, having been 28 days on the way, and when it finally came, it was only a few days before the Laboratory at [Dresden?] closed for the summer, so that the Professor is unable to make the tests till after the vacation, at the end of September.
The Patent office, in its latest information (Apr 16) [dormant?] [illegible] an endurance test of your cell also a companion of same with the combination Fe 0 _ KOH _ ni2O3, which may be is given by the patents 110210, Jungner, and 112350, [illegible]. For this purpose I sent for the Professor a couple of plates, - the best ones of the lot sent to me in May. By measuring potential of a new [illegible overstruck handwriting], and are that has been chosen [illegible] and discharged some times it was shown that the electrode is steadily changing, having originally the potential of iron : 1.35, and after a number of changes, the potential of ferrous oxide. The analysis of changes and discharged electrodes sent to prove too, that the stages between the electrode works are FeO and Fe2O3. A fully charged electrode [illegible] in Sulphuric acid without coloring same, while a discharged pole colors it yellow (ferris) on dissolving $.c. The experiment [nice?] and concise as they [were?], appeared quite convincing, and I must say I felt quite troubled, thinking of the effect this discovery should have on the British and the Austrian patents.
I have been trying, therefore, to discover some defect about the experiment, that should [illegible]. do them invalid, on to find, if possible some way of interpreting the facts to the reverse effect. In this I have also [illegible] [illegible] so far, that the Professor has determined to revise his experiment from the new point of view, and, he may arrive at a different result.
The patent agent is also on his vacation, so I am at the present unable to do anything in Berlin. In Stockholm, however, the official vacation is over, and the agent is arranging for a [illegible] conference, of which I am expecting good results. I intend, therefore to leave for Stockholm tomorrow morning.
Hoping that the above [illegible] looking difficulty may be conquered, I remain
Yours respectfully
Rob Rafn.
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