[D0204AAW], Letter from Willis N Stewart to Herman Ernest Dick, October 1st, 1902


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[D0204AAW], Letter from Willis N Stewart to Herman Ernest Dick, October 1st, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


62, Hackford Road.
Brixton, London, S. W.
Oct. 1, 1902.
Dear Mr. Dick:
Will you please inform Mr. Edison that I hear from reliable sources that the American General Electric Co. have an agent on the Continent sent over to make a close investigation of the merits of the Jungner battery and his claims as to the Patents.
Also, that the Jungner Co. have been advised that as various Patents on airline dyes were sustained by the Courts, that his Patents may likewise be sustained, as the [illegible] Patents were pure theory and did not reveal any practical process whatever. I am now trying to get more information as to this matter.
You evidently did not understand from my former letter that the Patents which I have taken out (3 in number) are for accessories to be used in connection with the Edison battery, and will be very useful and almost inseparable adjuncts thereto. The meter manufacturing form of Chamberlain & Hookham (Mr. Chamberlain being a brother of the famous Joe Chamberlain) a very wealthy concern doing 3/4 of the meter business in England. Want my device badly, and will license you to make their meters in America free for electrical vehicle vehicle purposes and on a slight royalty for other purposes. I prefer, however, to let you have all three patents for a nominal sum as it is certain that they form valuable accessories to the battery, and I am equally certain that you would be sorry to lose them. If you want me to save them for you until your arrival, and will cable Bergmann to send me £20., you can have the option. I would not ask this, but I am in need of a small sum to go on with until at work. I have an offer of a very handsome nature from Mr. W. J. [Blank?], of the Gen. El. Co., but it is not in your interest that I should accept it, nor will I do so if you accept the option. In case we do not close the business, you may deduct the £20. from my salary when you put me to work as promised.
Sincerely yours,
W. N. Stewart.
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