[D0204ABB], Letter from Herman Ernest Dick to Thomas Alva Edison, October 15th, 1902


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[D0204ABB], Letter from Herman Ernest Dick to Thomas Alva Edison, October 15th, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of Hotel Cecil
Stranc, W. C.
Oct. 15 1902
My Dear Edison:
I called on Harris & Miles this morning or that they would know that I was here should they want [illegible] for anything.
They told me a much remarkable story announcing a visit made them by [illegible].
He called sometime ago & introduced himself by saying that he was in a position to help you materially in the patents or if he chose he could make you a lot of trouble. Not being properly introduced they put him [illegible] as a [illegible] had told him to write them a letter stating what we could do & they would forward it to Dyer who would [unilaterally?] bring it to your notice.
Before he left the office, he said that you had a man in this side explaining the battery to the patent agents who was a [illegible] who formally worked for Jungner & that he had [illegible] [your?] employ & had given all of Jungner’s secrets away to you & that this new battery which was our informant in Jungner’s was not your informant [in?] [Rafner’s?].
I had intended to write [illegible] that I was here but once I have heard this [illegible] I want nothing to do with him
This is a dangerous man and you better tell [Rafner?] that if [none?] of your red employees named Stewart [even?] [meets?] him to have nothing to say to him what Stewart said as we don't want him to get a [swelled?] [head?]. Harris & [illegible] were not certain that he gave this name _ if he did they had [proportion?] it & its did not impress them to they send the interview, when I asked them if he said he formally [illegible] for you & had here in [illegible] & looked [generally?] shabby they said it was the main. There may be a motive for him going to [illegible] with this [illegible] of there is I shall find it out letter on.
Sincerely yours
H W Dick
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