[D0228AAH], Letter from William Edgar Gilmore to Thomas Alva Edison, September 3rd, 1902


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[D0228AAH], Letter from William Edgar Gilmore to Thomas Alva Edison, September 3rd, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of National Phonograph Co.
Edison Laboratory,
Orange, N. J.
185 Fifth Avenue,
Orange, N. J.
Sept. 3, 1902.
Mr. Thomas A. Edison,
Stewartsville, N. J.
Dear Mr. Edison:
The Bell-Bell Consolidated Phonograph Co. of London, through their representative, Mr. Chas. H. Patrick of New York City, entered an order with us some little time ago for 500 Home type machines. We made a shipment of 50 machines on account of this order equipped with the old type reproducers; that is, not the Model C, but the type in use heretofore. They now want us to furnish the order complete with the Model C reproducers, and I have refused to quote them on the Model C reproducer as well as on moulded records; and I do not see that we should give them the benefit of this new apparatus at the price we are charging them. You will remember that you set your foot down about our furnishing any of this apparatus to the Edison-Bell crowd.
I understood from Hayes that a contract was being drawn and I presume that it is now on the way here to be signed, covering the arrangement made as to our working harmoniously with the Edison-Bell people, but I do not feel that we should go ahead and give them all of our new apparatus until we are certain that the contract will be signed, assuming, of course, that it is satisfactory to us in every way.
In the meantime I have given orders that we shall not equip any of their phonographs with other than the old type reproducer. Have you any further instructions to give?
Yours very truly,
W. E. Gilmore
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