[D0230AAC], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Frederick Wallingford Whitridge, February 13th, 1902


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[D0230AAC], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to Frederick Wallingford Whitridge, February 13th, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Feb. 13, 1902.
My Dear Whitridge:
In regard to your memo, in re Edison United Phonograph Co. Paragraph 1. This would be a great idea, as useless expense for rent and salaries, etc. would be cut off.
Paragraph 2 & 3. Nothing can be gained and much will be lost by carrying out the scheme in this paragraph.
Paragraph 4. The proposed transfer of manufacturing rights to Edison can not be carried out by the proposed company for the reason that these rights as far as the Edison interest and patents are concerned were never owned by the Edison United but have always been owned by the Phonograph Works and as far as the Graphaphone manufacturing rights, owned by the International Graphophone Co., for which the Works paid over $90,000, so you see the Works already own the exclusive manufacturing rights of manufacturing in all Countries, except England and Germany.
At the present time every patent owned by the Edison United Co. has expired, naturally and by reasons of non compliance with the laws.
Mt. Twomhly never would take my advice and probably will not do so now but, nevertheless I will give it thus;
Wind up the Edison United Co. and the International, take all the assets and put them in a trust and this in a trust company, appoint, say Mr. Whitridge, Liquidating trustee, issue collateral trust bond in exchange for notes outstanding, etc., stop all expenses and then let the Liquidating trustee investigate the whole matter and liquidate to the best advantage.
Searles and Moriarty are entitled to nothing. They will not object, I think because the last loan will not bear investigation. They will die easy if any investigation is insinuated.
Yours truly,
Thomas A. Edison.
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