[D0231AAN], Letter from Eugene Howard Lewis to Thomas Alva Edison, June 17th, 1902


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[D0231AAN], Letter from Eugene Howard Lewis to Thomas Alva Edison, June 17th, 1902




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of Law Offices Eaton & Lewis
44 Broad Street (EDISON BUILDING)
New York
June 17, 1902.
Thomas A. Edison, Esq.,
Orange, New Jersey.
Dear Mr. Edison:
I beg to hand you herewith copies of recent correspondence, on the subject of the acquisition by the Marconi Company of your patent of 1891.
The last letter is one dated June 12th, addressed by Mr. Betts to me, to which I desire to call your especial attention.
You will observe that Mr. Betts invites us to present any views in writing, bearing upon the scope of your invention and claims, and further to present any reason why such claims can be construed, as applying to the Marconi system.
I think it would be well to submit something for Mr. Betts' consideration, before he makes a final report to the Marconi Company, on your patent.
It is apparent to my mind that Mr. Betts is of the opinion that Marconi's experiments and patents are in connection with Hertzian waves, which he seems to regard as something newly discovered since the date of your patent, and therefore differing from any principle that was sought to be availed of in connection with the apparatus described in your patent.
<Answered June 23 _ 1902>
<Telephone Lewis I will be here till Wednesday night>
<E> In order to obtain a favorable report for Mr. Betts, he must doutbless be convinced that the apparatus described in your patent was designed to take advantage of the same kind of disturbances or waves, as the apparatus described in Marconi's patents, sought to take advantage of.
You will recall that in the Marconi patent, No. 586,193, there were fifty-six claims.
It is evident that, under legal advice, some of the claims referred to, were attempted to be strengthened by a reissue, which is numbered 11,913, dated June 4, 1901.
Both the original patent and the re-issue are in your bundle of United States patents on wireless telegraphy, which you loaned to me and which I returned to you.
It seems to me most likely that if you can present a convincing statement in writing, to the effect that the experiments resulting and shown in your patent were not upon a radically different plane from those of Marconi, Mr. Betts would report in favor of the purchase of your patent.
You will note in the correspondence enclosed, my reference to Professors Pupin and Crocker.
Pupin has sailed for Europe, but perhaps Crokcker could be induced to make a statement about your patent, in connection with this matter.
After you have read this letter and the correspondence enclosed, if you will telephone me, I will come out and see you. I think I could do this more conveniently on Friday afternoon than any other time.
Yours truly,
Eugene H. Lewis.
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