[D0326AAR], Letter from Leonard C McChesney to Thomas Alva Edison, October 16th, 1903


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[D0326AAR], Letter from Leonard C McChesney to Thomas Alva Edison, October 16th, 1903




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


Letterhead of National Phonograph Co.
Edison Phonographs & Records.
83 Chambers Street,
New York.
October 16, 1903.
Mr. Thomas A. Edison,
Orange, N. J.
This letter sent to all Jobbers.
Dear Sir:-
The following has been received from one of our Jobbers:-
"We think the plan of the Eastern Jobber who sends to his trade the comments on the new Records a good one. And would it not be a good plan for you, while you have the comments in type each month, to print them on a slip that can be folded and mailed with the supplements? The extra expense to you would only be for paper and press work. We believe it would be a paying investment. And if you think it would be a paying investment. And if you think it would not justify you to send these out to the jobbers gratuitously, how would it do to charge them actual cost of getting them out, as you can get them out much cheaper and neater on account of quantity?"
We cannot adopt the suggestion to get this matter out without cost to Jobbers, because to apply them to the entire trade and too much to our present advertising expense, and we could not get them out for a few Jobbers to the exclusion of others in the trade.
We are willing, however, to fill orders from Jobbers and Dealers for them at actual cost to us. We have ascertained that in quantities we can get them printed like sample enclosed for $2.00 per M. with an additional charge of from 25 cents to 50 cents for imprinting the names and addresses of Jobbers ordering them, when so desired. On this basis 500 copies with blank for imprint will cost $1.00, or, if imprinted, from $1.25 to $1.50, the cost varying with the amount of matter on the imprint. The color of paper may be varied each month at no increase in cost. If the sentiment of the trade is in favor of printing the "Comments" in booklet form, the additional cost will be about $1.00 per M. It will be necessary to print all orders in one style or the other.
If the subject interests you, advise us:-
1st - How many you want.
2nd - If you want them imprinted. If so, send copy.
3rd - Your preferences as to style (either plain sheet like sample or bound like a booklet.)
It is proposed to print these in time to ship with Records and Supplements each mouth. If "Comments" for November are desired, an immediate reply is necessary.
Respectfully yours,
Advertisement Department,
LC McChesney
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