[D7802ZYR], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to George Edward Gouraud, September 11th, 1878


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better arrange with Puskas or Paris manufacturer arranged by Puskas to get telephones; has sent Adams a press for moulding carbons; sends PUskas today another style of telephone made by WU who have about 1,000 in use here Chicago, San Fran, etc; "The central system is growing very rapid in NYork about 15 lines per day" has written to SF, Chicago, & NY for info on central systems for Gouraud; magneto telephone is rapidly going out of use, WU calling them in and using TAE's, magnetos only as receivers; doesn't think Bell can touch him on receivers in England; or anyone else as transmitter is important part; "If you can arrange a Co there I should like to have some money in account as I have gone into the Electric Light & am spending lots of money= when you get everything arranged to sell patents, I will palce all the papers in Brere & Jensens hands with contract giving you 1/2 of the whole thing, but of coure the trade must be satisfactory to me and you know I am not unreasonable"; tell Nottage had dictating clock plate phonograph working nicely today for first time and will soon perfect; thinks Preece lied about telephone in Post Office tests[?--this appears to refer to microphone controversy] and is preparing a pamphlet that will make him sick unless comes out and explains exactly what TAE and Hughes did








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[D7802ZYR], Letter from Thomas Alva Edison to George Edward Gouraud, September 11th, 1878

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University


September 11, 1878