[D8133ZBD], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison, December 11th, 1881


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[D8133ZBD], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison, December 11th, 1881

Editor's Notes

It's a 33 page Johnson masterpiece. Replies to TAE's 22-page tome of Nov. 23, and 14-page supplement of Nov. 27. Arrival was opportune, coming in midst of Fabbri's negotiations, which it had an influence on. Includes remarks on "Delany cable." Steam dynamo: says he shld have left NYC two months previously. Arrival of 2nd dynamo vy impt. Boys in Paris say that problems crop up when run dynamo continously; for ex. problems with insulaiton b/c friction fr bearings. Batchelor is shipping most everything to Johnson for Crystal Palace. Rcvd Book of Instructions. Disagreement w/ Faure Batty people over their wanting dynamo; Fabbri told them wanted money up front b/c haven't yet paid what they already owe. Muirhead was in yesterday for 2 hours trying to induce Johnson to let him have lamps and other material. Told him no, b/c concern over pirating TAE's work. Patents: Waterhouse will look into doings of Swan, Paccinotti and others. "You make your claims too broad." "Lane Fox high resistance." This isn't a problem, as TAE made high resistance clear in patent 4, on platinum filament. Discussion as well of No. 5 patent. Siemens: do you claim that your bar and plate machine is not Siemens' armature? Barker will tell you that Thomson thinks it's the same. Fabbri, Gouraud: Gouraud is a bidder for the lighting business "as agt our old telephone clique." Telephone: rumors abound that Oriental concern is "exceedingly rotten." Warns of bubble bursting. Sockets: "I submit to all you say in this respect, and will do as you suggest." Lamps: the lamps are all 40-hr life. Too bad, b/c plans to show 800-1000 lights at Crystal Palace and to run them for several month, several hours a day. Crystal Palace: Glad that you confirm my plan for working dynamois. Small engines: There are no high-speed engines in England and slow ones require expensive gearing and c-shafting. Thinks it's better and cheaper to bring engines fr America. Also looking into gasoline engines. Steam dynamo brushes: Johnson is uneasy, but Hammer "feels confident of his ability to manipulate the mercury business as satisfactorily as was done in your shop." Safety catch: uses one in every ckt branch, "no matter how insignificant." EMF indicator: Won't say more "until you are secured." Wants one as soon as possible, though. Preece: Thinks that "his position in the Telephone matter was at first a mistake then maintained by virtue of yoru tirade and then maintained by reason of the position assumed by the Government." Now thinks you two will be close. Amalgamation: seems to be going well. Cost wrt gas. Disclaimers. Double steam dynamo: thinks it's a promising idea. Doesn’t' think much of Faure batty. London Times & newspaper publicity.




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