[D8226ZAA], Letter from Sherburne Blake Eaton to Thomas Alva Edison, June 19th, 1882


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[D8226ZAA], Letter from Sherburne Blake Eaton to Thomas Alva Edison, June 19th, 1882

Editor's Notes

How the Maxim people wire. City of Worcester hurts us. Penn. RR depot in Phila.; General ordinance for u/g conductors in Phila.; annual payment of $15 per mile. Budapest: Batchelor writes that a Mr. Gans put in some lamps for us in telegraph office. "It was a bad experiment for us. We had no good regulator, consquently Mr Gans burst all our incandescent lamps in a very short time and the installation was a fizzle. Thereupon it was ordered out of the building." Trying to get Edison light into a theater in Brunn. Kruesi has made a good report to Clarke concerning improvements in u/g conductors in new district. Thinks can lay 2K ft a day. Batchelor is sending 2 French engrs hr to learn abt central station business. Articles in Phila. papers abt Alfred Paget Higgs: "It is pretty rich reading. One paper says Higgs' lamps could not be lit, but he lit out." London Electrician reports on a Goebel who got arrested once and now has a lamp. 250 light dynamo for Bliss in Chgo. shipped. Faure batty: wants info so that he can write it up for Bulletin. Goddard gg Europe. Kobbe will write article for Harper's on TAE RR. "In your letter of June 16th you replied to my statement that Mr Graves thought we ought to publish something in the Bulletin to the effect that there were no secrets connected with the Edison system which were locked up in your breast alone..Shall I state that there are no secrets whatever connected with the business which are not known to the proper officers of the company, outside of yourself?" TAE reply: "yes"




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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University
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