[D8239ZBK], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison, May 9th, 1882


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[D8239ZBK], Letter from Edward Hibberd Johnson to Thomas Alva Edison, May 9th, 1882

Editor's Notes

Nice summary of London affairs. Got yours of 26th and many Insull communications; all concerning things I've already taken care of. Got large order authorized on strength of my argument that you'll be swamped once NY station starts operating. Arranged for some payment in advance through Drexel Morgan. Last payment to DM&Co on account of their disbursement has been made and contract now fulfilled. JP Morgan visited Holborn, expressed himself well pleased with everything done in England, especially the English Co. You'll get more $$ from England than entire rest of himisphere. Don't like contracts being made in France; seem to made to ensure endless competition. Gouraud has proved his inefficiency; hasn't even completed India or Australia. Crystal Palace closes 3 June; "I have had the jury in tow." Holborn runs well except for machine #3 being crossed with base. One of bars also crossed with iron discs; Cunningham coming from Paris to help fix. You must give greater care to insulation; fault of this kind far away could seriously damage your interests. Insulation on rods leading from brushes especially bad. Telephone trial keeps Hopkinson & me occupied, interfering with ELight work; send you copy of Times about trial. Battle here against Husbands & Eldred is better fought than in Edinburgh; want to win because of "striking" analogy between your lamp pats and carbon button pat, which will point out to you. Had another big conference on lamp patent with Bramwell, Webster, Hopkinson, Bidwell, Waterhouse & self. Consensus is that patent isn't unshakable but can be depended upon and should be defended. Can't improve it by disclaimer; unmodified patents looked on more favorably by courts. Waterhouse instructed by board to "prepare for battle" against front of Brush, Siemens, Swan, Lane-Fox, Maxim. Your backers prepared to fight to bitter end. Also holding out prospect of negotiations, and think most dangerous opponent (Swan) may be the first to surrender. Various electrical Cos. have private bills before Parliament for concessions for taking up the streets. Will withdraw these in favor of govt's general bill, in face of united gas opposition. EHJ chosen to make case to Parliamentary committee. Thanks for agreeing to my return but will stay a bit. Don't believe your reason for not wanting to come to ENgland. Thanks for telling GG2 to pay 5% of Oriental. Got Hammer a position as ass't engineer. Sorry you've been sick; you've had a bad time of it and should take getter care. Will write to Eaton, as information about us in the Bulletins is usually taken from newspapers.




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